Strategic Plan

The Board of Directors revised the AUPresses Strategic Plan in February 2019.


The Association of University Presses advances the essential role of a global community of publishers whose mission is to ensure academic excellence and cultivate knowledge.


• Integrity

• Diversity

• Stewardship

• Intellectual Freedom


Build membership and foster internal and external collaborations

Increase the visibility of our members and their work through engagement with parent institutions, funders, policymakers, and the reading public

Conduct research that provides data and analyses to support advocacy and to inform publishing operations and new business models

Provide professional development leadership training

Strategies & Tactics

The Association's current strategic plan was the result of a collaborative community effort in 2014. Five years later, the Board of Directors evaluated how the Association has worked to meet the goals laid out in the plan, whether the mission and values still fit our community, and what changes have been wrought throughout the scholarly communications landscape. The Board concluded that the mission and values articulated by the community in 2014 are still robust representations of the Association and its members, and that the strategic goals and tactics simply needed to be revised and refreshed in light of work done and new realities.

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Members can read the 2014 Strategies and Tactics here >

View the full worksheet from the interactive June 2014 community session icon.pdf

Read the previous 2007 Association Strategic Plan icon.pdf



October 2014 AAUP plan