AUPresses Presidential Addresses

The Association of University Presses presidency is a one-year term, but a three-year service committment. At each annual meeting, the membership appoints a President-elect, a current President takes the seat, and the Past President steps back. All three work together with the AUPresses board, staff, and committees over the following year to carry out the strategic goals and constant mission of the Association and its membership. Annual meeting remarks have traditionally been an opportunity for both the new and the outgoing presidents to share their goals for and perspectives on their terms, special projects, and the broader issues facing scholarly communications. In more recent years, Association presidents have occasionally used their role at the annual meeting in new ways—moderating important plenary discussions, leading brainstorming sessions, and more. If any recent president is not represented by published remarks here, we urge you to read the Letter from the President published in the relevant Annual Report.

Archived Talks

Kathryn Conrad, Inaugural Address, 2019

Jennifer Crewe, Inaugural Address, 2018

Meredith Babb, Inaugural Address, 2015

Barbara Kline Pope, Valedictory Address, 2015

Barbara Kline Pope, Inaugural Address, 2014

Philip Cercone, Inaugural Address, 2013

Peter Dougherty, Valedictory Address, 2013

Peter Dougherty, Inaugural Address, 2012

MaryKatherine Callaway, Valedictory Address, 2012

MaryKatherine Callaway, Inaugural Address, 2011

Richard Brown, Valedictory Address, 2011

Richard Brown, Inaugural Address, 2010

Kathleen Keane, Valedictory Address, 2010

Kathleen Keane, Inaugural Address, 2009

Alex Holzman, Valedictory Address, 2009

Alex Holzman, Inaugural Address, 2008

Sanford Thatcher, Valedictory Address, 2008

Sanford Thatcher, Inaugural Address, 2007

Penelope Kaiserlian, Inaugural Address, 2006

Lynne Withey, Inaugural Address, 2005

Douglas Armato, Inaugural Address, 2004

Seetha Srinivasan, Inaugural Address, 2003

Peter Milroy, Inaugural Address, 2002

Bruce Wilcox, Inaugural Address, 1994


The following speeches have been collected from the AAUP archives for historical reference; please contact AAUP if you would like your address to remain offline.

Donald Ellegood, Inaugural Address, 1981 icon.pdf

Morris Philipson, Valedictory Address, 1981 icon.pdf

J.G. Goellner, Inaugural Address, 1979 icon.pdf

Matthew Hodgson, Valedictory Address, 1979 icon.pdf

Matthew Hodgson, Inaugural Address, 1978 icon.pdf

Weldon Kefauver, Inaugural Address, 1977 icon.pdf

Willard Lockwood, Valedictory Address, 1977 icon.pdf

Willard Lockwood, Inaugural Address, 1976 icon.pdf

Robert Barnes, Valedictory Address, 1976 icon.pdf

Robert Barnes, Inaugural Address, 1975 icon.pdf

Miriam Brokaw, Valedictory Address, 1975 icon.pdf

Howard Webber, Inaugural Address, 1974 icon.pdf

Thompson Webb Jr, Valedictory Address, 1974 icon.pdf

Thompson Webb Jr, Inaugural Address, 1973 icon.pdf

Herbert Baily Jr, Valedictory Address, 1973 icon.pdf

Herbert Bailey Jr, Inaugural Address, 1972 icon.pdf

William Harvey, Valedictory Address, 1972 icon.pdf

Marsh Jeanneret, Valedictory Address, 1971 icon.pdf

Marsh Jeanneret, Inaugural Address, 1970 icon.pdf

William Sloane, Valedictory Address, 1970 icon.pdf

Chester Kerr, Midterm Address, 1966 icon.pdf

Chester Kerr, Inaugural Address, 1965 icon.pdf

Roger Shugg, Valedictory Address, 1965 icon.pdf

Roger Shugg, Midterm Address, 1964 icon.pdf

Frank Wardlaw, Valedictory Address, 1963 icon.pdf

Frank Wardlaw, Midterm Address, 1962 icon.pdf

Harold Ingle, Valedictory Address, 1961 icon.pdf

Harold Ingle, Midterm Address, 1960 icon.pdf

Harold Ingle, Inaugural Address, 1959 icon.pdf