Small Press Task Force


Task Force Roster

Jim McCoy, Iowa, Chair (james HYPHEN mccoy AT uiowa DOT edu)
Mike Bieker, Arkansas
Jane Bunker, Northwester
Trevor Lipscombe, Catholic
Lara Mainville, Ottawa
Alice Pfeiffer, Syracuse
Justin Race, Nevada
Dan Williams, TCU

Board Liaison
Darrin Pratt, Colorado

Central Office Liaison
Susan Patton


  • Review existing resources for AAUP members and determine whether they are scaled properly to Group 1 presses
  • Communicate those resources and their value back to the Group 1 presses
  • Identify unmet areas of need endemic to the small press and suggest how AAUP can best create and prioritize new services that will be of the most use and value to Group 1 presses, including but not limited to expansion of existing services