Book, Jacket, and Journal Show Task Force


Task Force Roster

Linda Secondari, Oxford, co-chair  (linda DOT secondari AT oup DOT com)
Jill Shimabukuro, Chicago, co-chair (jshimabu AT uchicago DOT edu)
Greg Britton, Johns Hopkins
Jeffrey Cohen, Getty
Colleen Devine Ellis, Texas
Than Saffel, West Virginia

Board Liaison
Darrin Pratt, Colorado

Central Office Liaisons
Kim Miller
Bailey Bretz


General Objective:

  • The AAUP Book, Jacket, and Journal Show is a well-established competition, with a rich history. For the past two decades, the stated mission of the Show has been twofold: to honor and to instruct. While this mission endures, the nature of university press publishing has transformed, offering new ways to package our scholarship and content. Given these changes, the BJ&J Show Task Force is charged with re-evaluating the mission and purpose of both the competition and the catalog.

Specific tasks, short term (November 2016):

  • Dive deep into the submission categories to ensure that they reflect the true nature of AAUP publishing by reevaluating the categories and category descriptions
    • Update category list and category descriptions
    • Establish award categories that responsibly diversify the recipient pool
    • Develop guidelines that will task / empower the BJ&J Show Committee to ensure that books are entered in the right category (pre-vetting of submissions in preparation of the judging)
    • Develop a “charge to jurors” to provide context that explains university press publishing

Specific tasks, medium term (June 2017):

  • Evaluate BJ&J Show mission and recommend revisions for 2017 and beyond
  • Explore opportunities to expand the visibility of the BJ&J Show and catalog:
    • Liaise with the University Press Week Task Force to discuss opportunities in 2017
    • Liaise with the Professional Development Committee to explore new ways for the BJ&J Show to benefit members of the AAUP design community
    • Develop a strategy to digitize the Show catalog
    • Explore opportunities to increase the visibility of the BJ&J Show at the regional level
    • Identify potential opportunities to generate revenue for award recipients and to monetize the catalog itself
    • Expand the use of the catalog as a teaching tool within the AAUP and beyond
    • Identify tactics to expand publicity related to the BJ&J Show