Digital Publishing Committee


Committee Roster

Lynn Fisher, Toronto, Chair (lfisher AT toronto DOT edu DOT ca)
Michael Boudreau, Chicago
Terry Ehling, MIT
Kevin Hawkins, North Texas
Beth Kressel Itkin, Vanderbilt
Jeremy Morse, Michigan

Board Liaison
Gita Manaktala, MIT

Central Office Liaison
Brenna McLaughlin


General Objective:

  • Develop and manage tools, programs, and resources to educate Association members on emerging technologies and the opportunities they present for the publishing industry.

Specific Charges to the Digital Publishing Committee:

  • Provide the Professional Development Committee with webinar content that exposes participants to emerging technologies relevant to the publishing industry; in doing this, be mindful of the heterogeneity of the membership, particularly with regard to current state of technology adoption.
  • Assist Central Office with final preparations for publication of Open Access Case Studies.
  • Organize activities to survey, define, educate, and identify opportunities for collaboration and discussion around shared infrastructure.
  • As requested, assist the Annual Meeting Program Committee to develop and implement technology-related sessions and/or vendor forums for the 2018 Annual Meeting, including new Collaboration Labs.
  • Include in your final May report to the Board suggestions for concurrent meeting topics to be referred to the Detroit 2019 Annual Meeting Program Committee.

Common Charges to All Committees of the Corporation:

  • Include your board and staff liaisons in all committee communications and activities.
  • Seek opportunities to support the Association’s core value of diversity by engaging in activities and developing programs that include participation from diverse members of the community and/or that aim to increase the diversity and inclusivity of our community.
  • Seek opportunities to support the goals of the Association’s 2016 membership restructuring by integrating into your committee activities the participation of colleagues from non-North American member presses.
  • Support the efforts of the Central Office staff to identify opportunities to leverage UP Commons (targeted launch: Fall 2017) to facilitate collaboration and communication among the members of your committee and the broader community it represents.
  • Make a summary report on Committee activities to the Association Board in time for its November, March, and June meetings; reports are due on Thursday, October 12, 2017, Thursday, March 1, 2018, and Thursday, May 24, 2018. Review your General Objective and Specific Tasks, and recommend changes for next year to the Executive Director.

Committee Reports and Projects


The Digital Digest: Electronic publishing news

Reports to the Board
Prior to the 2011-2012 term, the Digital Publishing Committee was called the Electronic Committee. 

2016–2017 Final Report
2015–2016 Final Report

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