Intellectual Property & Copyright Committee


Committee Roster

Bryan Birchmeier, Michigan, Chair (bryanbir AT umich DOT edu)
Ceylan Aktuk, Princeton
Natalie Blachere, McGill-Queen's
Ricky Huard, Ohio
Lisa Jemison, Toronto
Elisabeth Maselli, Rutgers
Kelly Rogers, Johns Hopkins
Angelica Lopez-Torres, Texas
Puja Telikicheria, Georgetown

Board Liaison
Dennis Lloyd, Wisconsin

Central Office Liaison
Kate Kolendo


General Objectives:

  • Act as a resource to the membership for matters pertaining to the use, development, and exercise of intellectual property and works in the public domain. Monitor, report, and engage in conversations regarding copyright reform, open access mandates, and related topics occurring within the scholarly communication ecosystem, the broader publishing world, and the public policy arena. Research and develop initiatives and tools to enable members to more robustly exploit their intellectual property.

Specific Charges to the Intellectual Property & Copyright Committee:

  • Working through the Central Office, alert members to copyright-related information and developments by providing references to newly published announcements, articles, and other resources.
  • In coordination with the Professional Development Committee, organize and present a webinar on current developments in copyright law; working through the Central Office, seek participation from the Association’s general counsel.
  • As requested, answer questions and provide feedback regarding current and proposed changes to copyright law
  • Submit to the Central Office any updates or corrections to the Association’s Permissions FAQ as needed.
  • As requested, advise the Central Office on international rights fairs opportunities as potential member services.
  • As requested, assist the Annual Meeting Program Committee to develop and implement any copyright-related sessions and Collaboration Labs for the 2020 Annual Meeting.
  • Include in your June final report to the Board suggestions for concurrent meeting topics to be referred to the Montreal 2021 Annual Meeting Program Committee.
  • Include in each of your reports to the Board a summary report on copyright matters.

Common Charges to All Committees of the Corporation:

  • Include your board and staff liaisons in all committee communications and activities.
  • Use UP Commons as your primary communications and collaboration tool.
  • Coordinate all research and survey activity through the Central Office.
  • Seek opportunities to support the Association’s core value of diversity by engaging in activities and developing programs that include participation from diverse members of the community and/or that aim to increase equity and inclusivity in our community.
  • Seek opportunities to support the goals of the Association’s 2016 membership restructuring by integrating into your committee activities the participation of colleagues from non-North American member presses.
  • Submit reports on Committee activities to the Association Board in time for its October, March, and June meetings. Interim reports are due on October 8, 2019, and February 26, 2020; final reports that recap all committee activities for the year and are shared with the membership are due May 15, 2020. (For convenience, please reproduce your Charge & Tasks at the beginning of all reports, and list the names and institutional affiliations of all committee members.)
  • Review your General Objective and Specific Tasks at the end of the service year, and recommend changes for next year to the Executive Director.

Committee Reports and Projects

AUPresses Permissions FAQ
Online Copyright Resources

Reports to the Board

2017-2018 Final Report
2016–2017 Final Report

2015–2016 Final Report

2014–2015 Final Report
2013–2014 Final Report
2012–2013 Final Report
2011–2012 Final Report
2010–2011 Final Report
2009–2010 Final Report
2008–2009 Final Report
2007–2008 Final Report
2006–2007 Final Report

Interim Report: February 2007

2005-2006 Final Report