University Press Week Task Force


Task Force Roster

Colleen Lanick, Harvard, Chair (colleen_lanick AT harvard DOT edu)
Carrie Adams, Chicago
Mandy Brannon, Duke
Jacqueline Davis, McGill-Queen’s
David Goldberg, MIT
Catherine Hobbs, Columbia
Michelle Lipinski, California
Cameron Ludwick, Texas
Stephanie Williams, Ohio

Board Liaison
Fredric Nachbaur, Fordham

Central Office Liaisons
Brenna McLaughlin, Annette Windhorn


General Objective:

  • To plan for the eighth annual University Press Week.
What is University Press Week?

November 11-17, 2012 was the first annual University Press Week, an opportunity to raise awareness of the work of university presses within their communities and around the world. University presses and other nonprofit scholarly publishers perform invaluable services for the scholarly establishment—researchers, teachers, librarians, and the rest of the university community—but also for the broader world of readers, and ultimately to society itself. While AAUP members undertake this work year round and individually highlight and communicate what they do, University Press Week allows us to celebrate the value and quality of university presses with one voice.

University Press Week events and activities have included: an online gallery of "Best Books" selected by presses to exemplify their work; local events, including talks, publishing workshops, and bookstore displays; partnerships with publishing service providers to highlight AAUP members' books and projects; and online tools to promote greater awareness of the breadth and depth of university press contributions to scholarship and society.

Committee Reports and Projects

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University Press Week 2012

Reports to the Board
Note: the University Press Week Task Force operates on a different schedule and calendar than the other AUPresses Committees, based around the culmination of the annual University Press Week in November, so reports collected in June may reflect the past Week and/or the upcoming Week.

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