The deadline for submitting grant applications has passed. Recipients are listed below.

A variety of grants are available for both registration fees and travel expenses. The deadline to apply for all grants is March 26. Grant applications are now done online in SurveyMonkey. If you exit the survey before completing, and can't access it again (or can't view earlier pages), clear your browser history. Please note that your information will not be saved if you clear your history.

Please note that both WiSP Grant for freelancers and the Richard Eckersley Memorial Grant require supplemental information.

Whiting Diversity Grants

2012 Whiting Diversity Grants are open to all qualified employees of AAUP member presses who are identified as a member of an underrepresented group within AAUP. Applicants must be a permanent (full or part time) staff member at an AAUP full, international, or associate member press and must have a least one one year of university press experience. AAUP will cover the meeting registration fee. Lodging and travel expenses will be reimbursed up to $1,000.

Two Whiting Diversity Grants were offered in 2012. Congratulations to this year's recipients:

Christine Choi, Duke University Press
Shana Rivers, University of Alabama Press

Whiting Newcomer Grants

2012 Whiting Newcomer Grants are open to all qualified employees of AAUP member presses who have never attended an AAUP Annual Meeting. Newcomer Grants cover the registration fee to the AAUP Annual Meeting only (travel expenses and pre-meeting workshop fees are not reimbursed).

Three Whiting Newcomer Grants were offered in 2012. Congratulations to this year's recipients:

Morgan Myers, University of Virginia Press
Jada Rankin, Texas Tech University Press
Jennika Baines, Syracuse University Press

CrossRef Early Career Grants

Generously funded by CrossRef, this grant will cover up to $1,200 in registration fees and travel expenses for an individual with less than three years experience at an AAUP member press to attend their first AAUP Annual Meeting.

Congratulations to this year's recipient:

James Engelhardt, University of Alaska Press

AAUP/WiSP Professional Development Grants

Women in Scholarly Publishing (WiSP) has generously made its Career Development Funds available to allow individuals who work or freelance for AAUP member presses to attend the AAUP Annual Meeting and/or pre-meeting workshops. The 2012 AAUP/WiSP Professional Development Grant will provide up to $1,500 to qualified applicants for registration fees and travel expenses. The grant is geared toward mid-level career development and applicants should have worked or freelanced for an AAUP or other recognized scholarly press for at least 3 years in the course of their careers.

Two grants were awarded in 2012, one to a freelancer and one to a member press staff representative. Congratulations to this year's recipients:

Linda Kadis, Athabasca University Press
Maya Wright, Freelance Designer

Eckersley Memorial Grant

The Richard Eckersley Memorial Grant is offered to an emerging university press designer to cover registration costs to the 2012 AAUP Annual Meeting. Eckersley, one of the most widely admired book designers of recent history, was also committed to the encouragement and professional development of new designers in the field. A colleague once wrote: "His influence is quiet and steady, as he is—but brilliant and central to the mission of AAUP." That influence is carried on by this professional development opportunity made possible through the Eckersley Memorial Fund.

Congratulations to this year's recipient:

Jason Alejandro, Princeton University Press

Western Presses Travel Grants

The Western Press regional meetings surplus funds are available as annual meeting travel grants to staff from full and associate member presses with annual net sales under $1.5 million located in the Western region of North America. Travel grants of $500 will be provided to one staff representative from a qualified member press to assist with travel expenses to attend the 2012 AAUP Annual Meeting in Chicago.

A list of eligible presses is included in the application form. Only one person per press can receive a grant. Grants are available on a first come first serve basis.