Workshops & Special Meetings

Pre-meeting events are organized by the AAUP Professional Development Committee and communities of interest. The following workshops and special meetings will be held on Monday, June 18, at the AAUP conference hotel.

AAUP 2012 Workshops are open only to staff at member presses. Space is limited.

Managing Print Inventory in the Digital World: Trends, Solutions, and Business Models
How do we manage inventory in an era in which a lifetime print run is no longer the norm, and is even inadvisable? Read more >

XML for University Press Publishing
XML and its associated technologies and standards can be complex and daunting, with many competing approaches within University Press publishing alone. Read more >

Regional Publishing
Regional publishing has long been a key component of university publishers' lists. This day-long workshop will focus on regional trade in a variety of ways and look at a number of traditional and innovative initiatives. Read more >

AAUP Press Directors Meeting
The meeting will allow press directors the chance to informally discuss issues of common concern, and consider ideas and visions for the future of AAUP. Read more >