Program Committee

Becky Brasington Clark, Johns Hopkins, Chair
Lisa Bayer, Georgia
Courtney Berger, Duke
Jane Bunker, Northwestern
Derek George, Texas
John Hussey, Kentucky
Christopher Kelaher, Brookings

A Message from the AAUP 2012 Program Committee

Igniting the Future reflects the creative energy and creative destruction sweeping our industry. The collision of crumbling business models and revolutionary innovation creates sparks of opportunity even as some of the traditions we hold dear go up in flames.

Amid calls for crowd sourcing and open access, we hold fast to the core values of university press publishing—peer-reviewed scholarly content that will advance knowledge beyond the walls of the academy. We likewise seek to sustain the future of scholarly communication by committing our collective knowledge to the leaders of the future, early-career publishing professionals hungry for knowledge about nuts and bolts and best practices.

The AAUP 2012 program reflects the volatility of our industry, as well as our collective reliance on foundational skills and disciplines that have endured for decades.

This year, 75 flames flicker on the candles of AAUP's birthday cake. Watch them and reflect on the past. Then watch them kindle the future.

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