Program Mission: Connect, Collaborate

While the charge to connect may strike some as obvious for an annual meeting, this year's program committee wanted to emphasize the benefits of achieving results through collaborations. Many of you will recall that the prevailing idea coming out of last year's interactive plenary on the AAUP's Strategic Plan was to focus on collaboration and to seek opportunities for groups of presses to work together to share best practices and find efficiencies and economies of scale.

As a result, we have developed programming that goes beyond simply putting people in a room together. It strives to provision opportunities where members of the AAUP community can explore new partnerships and models of working together.

To support this goal we have added some new features to this year's event:

  • More panels with roundtable and interactive formats;
  • New "down time" slots for ad hoc groupings and meetings;
  • A "Solutions Showcase" where vendor-press partnerships can be presented and explored;
  • A series of focused "Collaboration Labs" for small teams to brainstorm and experiment with multi-press working groups;
  • A plenary focused on collaborative models for supporting the publication of humanities monographs.

We hope that you will benefit from these new features and that you find the experience of coming together—of connecting, collaborating—with your peers more useful than ever.

2015 Program Committee

John Sherer, North Carolina, Chair (john_sherer AT
Neil Blair Christensen, California
Rob Dilworth, Duke
Brady Dyer, Texas
Dariel Mayer, Vanderbilt
Alisa Plant, Louisiana State
Darrin Pratt, Colorado