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The university press community amplifies voices, disciplines, and communities.

University presses publish authors from around the world and right at home, writing on subjects that are broad, niche, and every level of inquiry in between. Without university presses, many of these authors or subjects would not be heard so clearly in the marketplace of ideas.

All Year Round

University Press Week 2018 saw a fantastic and varied celebration of the work UPs do every day to amplify knowledge. Best of all? The blog tour, review columns, and gallery are chockfull of new additions to your year-round #ReadUP list!

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Featuring: Last week, three years after the publication of Thomas Aiello's Jim Crow's Last Stand by LSU Press, Louisiana voters overturned by ballot the law that allowed for non-unanimous jury findings in felony trials. This is what can happen when university presses amplify knowledge. 

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