What is University Press Week?

carter proclamation sm

In the summer of 1978 President Jimmy Carter proclaimed a University Press Week "in recognition of the impact, both here and abroad, of American university presses on culture and scholarship."

That influence continues today, as does the increasing vitality of university press publishing programs, the many ways and means by which works are now produced and distributed, and the urgent need for articulate discourse in times pervaded by sound bites. Today, a renewed University Press Week highlights the extraordinary work of nonprofit scholarly publishers and their many contributions to culture, the academy, and an informed society.

UP Week History

2012: AAUP 75th Anniversary
Our inaugural event, in 2012, helped to celebrate AAUP's 75th anniversary, featuring activities such as a plenary discussion on "The Twenty-First Century University Press" at Charleston 2012 (video), a 26-press blog tour, our Fine Print* (*and Digital!) online gallery, Influence Maps, and much more.

2013: Ideas Unbound
In 2013, we celebrated innovation in scholarly publishing! A gallery of "Ideas Unbound" showcased innovative projects, books, and journals from many of our university press and scholarly publisher members. 

2014: Great Minds Don't Think Alike
A tagline contest elicited our slogan, above, capturing a defining aspect of both AAUP members and the work they publish. Book giveaways, an NPR underwriting message, social media campaigns (such as the meme-rich #upshelfie tag), and a stunning infographic helped to engage wider communities. 

2015: Surprising!
University presses are surprising in many ways: who they are, what they publish, how they publish. Through an online gallery, eye-opening infographics, illuminating panels, and the 4th Annual Tour of Blogs our members delighted and amazed.

2016: Community
Community is at the center of university press missions: from the community of a discipline to a regional home and culture, from the shared discourse of a campus to a bookstore's community of readers. The Association celebrated the community (and communities) of its members with an infographic, a gallery of books, publications, and projects, and two online panels for serious readers and writers. 

2017: #LookItUP: Knowledge Matters
Valuing expertise and knowledge can feel like a radical act in 2017. University presses not only believe in facts and knowledge, but traffic in them daily, publishing approximately 14,000 books and more than 1,100 journals each year, read by people around the globe. Check out how we celebrated >

2018: #TurnItUP
The university press community amplifies voices, disciplines, and communities. In 2018 we celebrated by making noise about the impact of our work.

2019: Read. Think. Act.
This year we encourage readers to explore research on topics that affect everyone and to reflect on what they read, in the hope that the work of university presses bringing scholarship to readers will stimulate positive conversations and actions in the world.