AAUP Central Office Partly Reopened After Sandy

November 5, 2012—Power and phone service have been restored to our offices on 36th Street. Internet access is still unavailable, but we hope that our building will be brought back online shortly. A skeleton staff will be in the offices from Monday, November 5, although transit problems and power outages still remain for our colleagues in harder-hit communities of New Jersey and Long Island.

October 30, 2012—The AAUP Central Office, located on 36th Street in Manhattan, is currently without power, along with many of our neighbors. Some AAUP staff members have power and Internet access, but responses to queries may be slow in the coming days.

We hope to back up and running soon, as the city—and indeed, much of the eastern seaboard—recovers from Sandy. We also send out best wishes to AAUP member presses and their staff located in the path of the storm.