The Case for University Presses

Not all of AAUP members are "university" presses: associate members include the publishing arms of museums, scholarly societies, and think tanks. All members share the common goal of university presses to disseminate the fruits of scholarship "far and wide," however, and do so through nonprofit, mission-driven, peer-reviewed publication programs. The shorthand of "university presses" is often used by the Association and the scholarly community to describe all presses who share these qualities.

The Value of University Presses

Twenty-four statements that clearly articulate how AAUP member presses serve society, scholarship, and the academy. Read more >

Articles of Interest

Essays and opinion pieces from the AAUP Community. Read more >

Presses Under Threat

Many university presses rely on some amount of institutional or state support, even though this is on average a very small percentage of presses' operating budgets. During times of economic downturns or political expediency, presses have become the target of budget cuts that threaten their continued operation. AAUP colleagues, scholars, writers, and local communities have rallied in support of presses under such threats. Read more >