Presses Under Threat

During times of economic downturns or political expediency, state and institutional administrations presses have occasionally seen a university press as an easy target for budget cuts. AAUP colleagues, scholars, writers, and local communities have rallied in support of presses under such threats.

Universities and their Presses in Hard Economic Times

In 2004, several AAUP members were under threat of closure, including the University of Idaho Press and Northeastern University Press. AAUP Executive Director Peter Givler put these budget fights in context and answers the question: "What does the university get for its investment in a press?" Read more >

Recent Threats to Presses

SMU Press
In 2010, the SMU Press staff and community were given a month's notice that the university intended to suspend press operations and eliminate staff. An international outcry ensued, prompting a re-examination of the decision  and the process. Read more >

Louisiana State University Press
LSU Press, a world-renowned publisher, was threatened with the withdrawal of state and institutional support in the summer of 2009. In 2010, the press celebrated its 75th anniversary and today, in its 76th year, LSU Press continues to publish award-winning and compelling books of scholarship, fiction, and poetry. Read more >

Resources for AAUP Members

Please refer to the AAUP Crisis Management Toolkit for assistance in preparing for or weathering crises such as political battles or funding cuts.