The AUPresses Marketing Handbook

The AUPresses Marketing Handbook is intended to serve as an introduction to the basics of university press marketing for newcomers to the profession, for students and interns in our employ, and for staff members outside of marketing seeking to better understand the work of their marketing department.

The current Handbook was developed by the 2010-2013 AMarketing Committees, building on an earlier version that was created by the 2001-2003 committee. The 2018-19 Committee is reviewing the Handbook with a view to comprehensive revisions. 

Table of Contents


Part One: Publicity

The Press Release and Press Kits
Billy Collins, Baylor

Review and Galley List Creation
Billy Collins, Baylor

Galleys & E-Galleys
Levi Stahl, Chicago

Publicity Calls
Colleen Lanick, MIT

Author Events/Tours
Leila Salisbury, Kentucky; Updated by Levi Stahl, Chicago

Radio/TV Promotion
Levi Stahl, Chicago

Online Outreach & Blogs
Laura Baich, Indiana

Social Media
Billy Collins, Baylor

Author Relations
Levi Stahl, Chicago

Billy Collins, Baylor

Levi Stahl, Chicago

Catalog and Jacket Copy
Levi Stahl, Chicago

Working with Freelancers
Megan Scott, Iowa, and Lisa Dellwo, Dellwo Marketing Services; Updated by Emily Grandstaff, Virginia

Laura Baich, Indiana

Laura Baich, Indiana

Book Trailers
Laura Baich, Indiana

Spotting Deadbeats and Deceitful Book Requests
Jessica M. Pigza, Kansas

Public Relations Crisis Management for Publishers
Kathryn Grimes, Minnesota; Updated by Jessica Pellien, Princeton

Part Two: Sales

The Tip Sheet
Kathryn Conrad, Arizona

The Sales Manager's Primer
Mark Saunders, Virginia

Key Contacts: Promoting Sell Through
Hunter Cole, Mississippi

Hiring and Evaluating Sales Representatives
Anna Bullard, Chicago; Steve Maikowski, Rutgers (from the AAUP Business Handbook)

Regional Selling
Erin Rolfs, LSU

Part Three: Exhibits

Exhibit Basics
H. Lee Willoughby-Harris, Duke

Exhibits and Sales Tax
John Rollins, Yale (from the AAUP Business Handbook)

Part Four: Direct Mail

Direct Response Mail
Jerome Lewis, Thor Information Services (from the AAUP Business Handbook)

Direct Response Marketing
Amelia Wise, Cornell

Part Five: Rights

Selling to Book Clubs
Tom Novak, Beacon (from the AAUP Business Handbook)

Copublication: Buying & Selling Rights
Bill Hamilton, Hawaii (from the AAUP Business Handbook)

Part Six: Other Issues

The Annual Marketing Budget
Carol Kasper, Chicago

Examination Copy Policy
Kim Maselli, Northwestern (from the AAUP Business Handbook)

Part Seven: E-books

E-books Primer
Caitlin Churchill, TAMU