Diversity Resources and Initiatives

AAUP member presses represent a major force in American intellectual and cultural life. Through their publications, university presses have considerable influence on the direction of scholarly research, the content of higher education, and an impact on policymaking in the United States. Leaders in the world of scholarly publishing, AAUP members make possible the advancement of knowledge and its dissemination to virtually every part of the globe. As publishers of the distillation of research conducted at institutions of higher education, university presses are an essential part of a dynamic community involved in the dual processes of teaching and learning in their ranks.

aaupdiversityAAUP members have reason to be proud of their long commitment to publishing lists that reflect the diversity of our world. AAUP for many years had a standing Diversity Committee whose charge was to consider ways of increasing this same diversity in university press staff. Over the years, the committee worked on recruiting and retention issues, compiled the web resources presented here, worked with the AAUP board to offer ongoing minority scholarships and professional development opportunities at the annual meeting, and developed and distributed a broadsheet on promoting a postive work culture.

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