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AI Advisory Group



Amy Brand, MIT Press
Alan Harvey, Stanford University Press
Andrew Joseph, Wits University Press
Barbara Kline Pope, Johns Hopkins University Press
Sarah Weicksel, American Historical Association

Peter Berkery, AUPresses
Brenna McLaughlin, AUPresses


The AUPresses Board of Directors requested that the Association discover where our member community stands in relation to AI, and what information, education, or services needs the Association might be called upon to provide. The Advisory Group was convened to help Association staff shape a survey or other intelligence-gathering process that will address this request.

The working group will:

  • Help determine the scope of what we wish to learn from and about our members (e.g., policies, concerns, use cases, etc.)
  • Help determine the best process for collecting this intelligence
  • Provide initial advice on what resources or programs the Association might create from (or in response to) what we learn 

Vi stödjer ett globalt nätverk av förläggare vars syfte är att säkerställa akademisk kompetens och främja kunskap.

— AUPresses Mission Statement in Swedish