Committees & Task Forces

The work of AUPresses Committees and Task Forces, staffed by volunteer members, is essential to the Association. Learn more about committee service. Below, browse Committees of the BoardCommittees of the Association, and Task Forces for current rosters and charges. Final committee reports are generally available to members as part of the Annual Business Meeting materials.

Committees of the Board

Admissions & Standards Committee
Douglas Hildebrand, Alberta, Chair 

Audit Committee
Lisa Bayer, Georgia, Chair 

Nominating Committee
Niko Pfund, Oxford, Chair 

Committees of the Association

Acquisitions Editorial Committee
Andrew Berzanskis, Oklahoma, Chair

2023 Annual Meeting Program Committee
Hope LeGro, Georgetown, and Cameron Ludwick, Texas, Co-Chairs

Book, Jacket, and Journal Show Committee
Mindy Hill, Washington, and Wendy McMillen, Notre Dame, Co-Chairs

Digital Publishing Committee
Emily Zoss, National Gallery of Art, and Sara Thaxton, Arizona, Co-Chairs

Editorial, Design, and Production Committee
Lynne Ferguson, Texas, and Ryan Morris, SUNY, Co-Chairs

Equity, Justice, Inclusion, and Belonging Committee
Valarie Guagnini, Cambridge, and Clare Litt, Liverpool, Co-Chairs

Faculty Outreach Committee
Angie Hogan, Virginia, Chair

Financial Operations Committee
Hilary Claggett, Georgetown, and Jennie Collinson, Liverpool, Co-Chairs

Intellectual Property & Copyright Committee
Aurora Bell, South Carolina, and Leslie Rollins, Getty, Co-Chairs 

Investment Committee
Erik Smist, Johns Hopkins, Chair

Journals Committee
Sarah Jones Weicksel, American Historical Association, Chair

Library Relations Committee
Jason Fikes, Abilene Christian, Chair 

Marketing Committee
Emily Hamilton, Minnesota, Chair

Open Access Committee
Brigitte Shull, Cambridge, and Kelley Squazzo, Johns Hopkins, Co-Chairs

Professional Development Committee
Nicole Solano, Rutgers, and Bethany Wasik, Cornell, Co-Chairs

Task Forces

Career Progression Task Force
Lisa Bayer, Georgia, Chair

University Press Week Task Force
Carrie Adams, Chicago, Chair

Completed Task Forces

Task Forces are regularly appointed by AUPresses Presidents to undertake important projects and closely study key issues on behalf of the Association. When their work has been completed and final report accepted by the Board of Directors, these Task Forces are sunsetted, but the work continues to influence Association activities, Committee charges, and policy directions.

Task Forces that have most recently completed their work include: Open Access; Operating Statistics; Gender, Equity, and Cultures of Respect; Diversity & Inclusion; and Research.

Learn more about the important work of past Task Forces >

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— AUPresses Mission Statement in Hmong