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Annual Directory

Print and Digital Guide to Members

2021 AUPresses Directory Cover

2021 Print Edition 
ISBN: 9780945103448

2021 Digital Edition
ISBN: 9780945103424
Full Access: $30.00
30-day Access: $9.00

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Association Members receive significant discounts on both editions.

As an introduction and guide to the world of university presses, the 2021 Association of University Presses Directory is an essential reference and resource for anyone involved in scholarly publishing. Authors, librarians, booksellers, service providers, and researchers will all find this an indispensable tool.

The AUPresses Directory offers detailed entries for each member publisher, including editorial profiles and contact information of publishing personnel. Other features include a convenient Subject Area Guide indicating which presses publish in specific disciplines, tips on submitting manuscripts, general information about the Association, and listings of Association Partners.

Printing of the 2021 AUPresses Directory compliments of Sheridan.

The 2021 AUPresses Directory is the most current in print. The program has been on a brief hiatus, please look for news of a new directory in 2024.

December 2023: Mailing list rentals available again for press/director contacts. These are postal mailing addresses; the Association does not rent email address lists at this time. Details and ordering.

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— AUPresses Mission Statement in Hmong