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Book, Jacket, and Journal Show


Committee Roster

David Zielonka, Stanford, Chair (zielonka AT Stanford DOT edu)
Ashley Bernicky, Toronto
Alison Cobra, Calgary
Mark Lerner, Fordham 
Lori Lynch, Alabama
Wendy McMillen, Notre Dame
Michelle van der Merwe, British Columbia 
Isaac Morris, New Mexico
Lydia Osborne, Liverpool
Peter Perez, North Carolina

Board Liaison
Saleem Dhamee, Chicago

Central Office Liaison
Kate Kolendo

Central Office Staff Support
Trevor Nau


General Objective:

  • Coordinate 2023-2024 Book, Jacket, and Journal Show.

Specific charges to the Book, Jacket, and Journal Show Committee:

  1. Prepare for the Book, Jacket, and Journal Show by selecting judges, securing donations for printing and producing the show catalog, and exploring new avenues of digitizing the awards process. 
  2. Implement the Show by producing and distributing the call for entries, coordinating the judging in mid-January, updating the show website with the selected entries, coordinating the Show session at the 2024 Annual Meeting, and exploring new opportunities to expand the visibility of the show and catalog.
  3. Keep the show relevant by continuing to recognize design excellence in books and publishing, and by considering and establishing awards that responsibly diversify the recipient pool.

Common Charges to All Committees of the Association:

  • Include your board and staff liaisons in all committee communications and activities.
  • Use UP Commons as your primary communications and collaboration tool.
  • Encourage discussions on appropriate UP Commons groups.
  • Coordinate all research and survey activity through the Central Office.
  • Seek opportunities to support the Association’s core value of diversity & inclusion by engaging in activities and developing programs that include participation from diverse members of the community and/or that aim to increase equity and inclusivity in our community.
  • Seek opportunities to support the goals of the Association’s 2016 membership restructuring by integrating into your committee activities the participation of colleagues from non-North American member presses.
  • Support the Annual Meeting Program Committee as requested, and include in your final report to the board any suggestions for future programming your committee identifies over the year.
  • Seek opportunities when conducting activities and events to recruit new members to serve on your committee in future years, being sure to emphasize diversity, equity, and inclusion in your efforts; include in your final report to the board discussion of your recruiting efforts; share with the Executive Director the names of potential future committee members.
  • Submit reports on Committee activities to the Association Board in time for its October, March, and June meetings. Interim reports are due on 22 September 2023, and 1 March 2024; final reports that recap all committee activities for the year and are shared with the membership are due 31 May 2024. (For convenience, please reproduce your Charge & Tasks at the beginning of all reports, and list the names and institutional affiliations of all committee members, along with board and staff liaisons.)
  • Apply the lens of equity, diversity, inclusion, and decolonization to all committee work.
  • Appoint a member of your committee to serve as a liaison to the Equity, Justice, Inclusion, and Belonging Committee, providing updates on your committee’s EJIB efforts, seeking information, support, or guidance on EJIB matters as needed, and attending Fall and Spring meetings for liaisons sponsored by EJIB Committee.
  • Review your General Objective and Specific Tasks at the end of the service year and recommend changes for next year to the Executive Director.

Visit the Book, Jacket, and Journal Show online.

Nous faisons avancer le rôle essentiel de la communauté internationale d’éditeurs dont la mission est de veiller à l’excellence académique et de cultiver le savoir.

— AUPresses Mission Statement in French