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Operating Statistics Task Force


Task Force Roster

Darrin Pratt, Colorado, Chair (darrin AT upcolorado DOT com)
Paul Ashenfelter, Notre Dame
Lynn Benedetto, Cornell
Nadine Buckland, West Indies
Susan Doerr, Minnesota
Brad Hebel, Columbia
Chris Heiser, Chicago
Bryan Lutz, Florida
Kim Schmelzinger, MeanLine Publisher Services
Steve Young, British Columbia

Board Liaison
Mike Bieker, Arkansas

Central Office Liaisons
Brenna McLaughlin, Susan Patton


General Objective:

  • Perform a comprehensive review of the Association’s Annual Operating Statistics in order to increase the breadth, depth, and utility of this key member resource.

Specific Charges:

  • Working through the Central Office, conduct baseline research to gain a data-driven understanding of how members currently use the Operating Statistics, and what enhancements they view as most necessary or desirable
    • Evaluate output from June 2018 AUPresses Directors’ Meeting for relevance to the Tasks below
    • Consider whether current Sales Group divisions remain relevant to the needs of member presses, and propose revisions as appropriate
  • In order to better serve the needs of the Association’s increasingly-global community, identify appropriate methods for including relevant data from non-North American presses in the Operating Statistics
  • Evaluate the feasibility of incorporating Journals-related data into the Operating Statistics
    • Consider the extent to which such data currently is gathered in whole or in part by other entities and might be incorporated into the Operating Statistics
  • Explore feasibility of upgrading the Operating Statistics from a static report to an interactive tool allowing for user-defined comparisons and visualization capabilities; be sure to:
    • Address relevant confidentiality considerations 
    • As appropriate, suggest possible technology solutions and vendors
    • Provide a high-level assessment of implementation and maintenance costs 
  • Create a roadmap for the development of resources (toolkits, webinars, et cetera) that will increase effective utilization of the Operating Statistics by the Association’s members
    • Consider how pending enhancements to the Operating Statistics might impact the timing for development of these new resources
  • Make such other related recommendations as the Task Force deems appropriate
  • Submit a final report, including recommended next steps, by May 20, 2020 for consideration by the Association’s board of directors at its June 2020 meeting.

Cuirimid le hobair bhunriachtanach phobal domhanda foilsitheoirí a bhfuil sé mar chuspóir acu barr feabhais acadúil a chinntiú agus saineolas a chothú.   

— AUPresses Mission Statement in Irish