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2023 NMPS Conference

Registration is now open for the 2023 National Museum Publishing Seminar (NMPS)
Publishing professionals from museums and cultural institutions, university presses, vendors, and more will gather in person in Chicago, IL on August 27-29, to discuss important topics in print and digital publishing, with a key focus this year on open access.
There will also be online-only pre-Seminar sessions held on August 10-18, at a reduced registration fee. For those interested in learning more about museum publishing, the Museum Publishing Fundamentals course, in particular, provides a rapid introduction to the field in two afternoons. 

Event Details


August 27, 2023 – August 29, 2023

ما نقش اساسی جامعهٔ جهانی ناشران را، که وظیفهٔ آن تضمین پیشرفت تحصیلی و ترویج دانش است، گسترش می‌دهیم

— AUPresses Mission Statement in Persian