Adventures in Digital Publishing: Collaborations and Conversations

Join the university press community for the second episode in the new webinar series exploring innovative kinds of digital publications, featuring i used to love to dream, a mixtap/e/ssay by A. D. Carson published on the Fulcrum platform by the University of Michigan Press.

A.D. Carson, Assistant Professor of Hip Hop and the Global South, University of Virginia; author of “i used to love to dream”
Loren Kajikawa, Associate Professor of Music, George Washington University; series editor
Timothy Belch, Application Developer, Michigan Publishing
Sara Jo Cohen, Senior Acquisitions Editor, University of Michigan Press
Emma DiPasquale, Library Relations Manager, University of Michigan Press
Greg Kostin, Applications Programmer, University of Michigan Library
Jillian Downey, Director of Publishing Production, University of Michigan Press
Jon McGlone, Front End Developer and UI Designer, Michigan Publishing
Theresa Schmid, Marketing Manager, University of Michigan Press

Walter Biggins, Editor-in-Chief, University of Pennsylvania Press
Allison Levy, Digital Scholarship Editor, Brown University

Please visit the Adventures in Digital Publishing website for more information and register here.

recording of the first episode in the series, featuring the team behind Furnace and Fugue, is now available. (A transcript is also available and the captions will added be soon.)

The series is co-produced by Brown University, Emory University, and the AUPresses Digital Publishing and Library Relations Committees.

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— AUPresses Mission Statement in Korean