EmpowerHer Publishing: Commemorating Women’s History Month in Scholarly Pursuits

This Women’s History Month, join us for a captivating town hall conversation that celebrates the rich legacy of women’s leadership in scholarly publishing.

In the landscape of scholarly publishing, once dominated by men, the narratives of these incredible women unfold as powerful examples. They have forged a path to success, founding renowned publishing houses and pioneering innovative business models. Their stories inspire, demonstrating that talent, resilience, and sometimes breaking the rules, can break barriers and shape a more inclusive future for women in scholarly publishing. The meeting will be followed by a Q&A by Emerson College students and early academic professionals. The panelists will tackle key themes such as overcoming historical hurdles, fostering innovation in publishing, championing diversity and inclusion, and shaping women’s careers in the industry.

Led by early career professional women who graduated from Emerson College, this meeting features an esteemed panel of influential women in academic publishing.

Panelists: Marion Berghahn, Founder and Publisher, Berghahn Books; Jessica Mosher, President and Chief Executive, University of Toronto Press; Frances Pinter, Executive Chair, Central European University Press; Lynne Rienner, Founder and Publisher, Lynne Rienner Publishers; Alison Shaw, Chief Executive and Founder, Bristol University Press and Policy Press

Event Details


March 28, 2024 – March 28, 2024


1:00 PM EDT

Cuirimid le hobair bhunriachtanach phobal domhanda foilsitheoirí a bhfuil sé mar chuspóir acu barr feabhais acadúil a chinntiú agus saineolas a chothú.   

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