Meet the AUPresses Board: Demystifying AUPresses Board of Directors Service

Ever wonder who is on the AUPresses Board of Directors, what they do, and how they got on the Board in the first place?

In response to a 2020 Nominating Committee survey, this webinar will outline the Association’s process and policies for nomination and election to the Board of Directors. A group of diverse panelists will discuss individual experiences getting involved with the Association, with special attention paid to non-directors and international members; volunteer service to the Association via committee work, task forces, virtual programming (webinars and hangouts), and annual meeting participation; EJI core values; the process for Board nomination and election; Association governance and membership. Ample time will be reserved for Q&A.

Moderated by Lisa Bayer (Georgia), current AUPresses president; Panelists include Nadine Buckland (West Indies), a past Treasurer; Kathryn Conrad (Arizona), a former AUPresses president and current chair of the Nominating Committee; Mary Francis (Penn), a current board member; and Brian Halley (Massachusetts), a past non-director Board member and current EJI Committee member.

Event Details


January 12, 2022 – January 12, 2022


1pm ET

ننهض بالدور الأساسي للمجتمع العالمي من دور النشر التي تتمثّل مهمتها في ضمان التفوّق الأكاديمي وتنمية المعرفة.

— AUPresses Mission Statement in Arabic