Publishing CareerBuilder: Careers in Government Publishing

This Publishing CareerBuilder session will feature conversations with professionals in government publishing. Panelists Angela Anderson, MPS, Director, Marine Corps University Press; Susan Reyburn, Library of Congress Publishing Office; and Donna Budjenska, Senior Project Editor, Air University Press will discuss how to approach a career in government, the application process, and some of the pros and cons of a career in government publishing.

Publishing careers in government can be nearly as varied as the publishing industry itself. While one might not normally consider the government a “publisher,” essential publishing activity occurs in a wide variety of government organizations, including the US Government Printing Office, Library of Congress, CIA, FBI, Smithsonian Institution, and many other organizations at the federal, state, and local levels. While some government entities are fully dedicated to publishing as an organization, in many others it is still an important part of their organizational mission.

Event Details


March 20, 2023 – March 20, 2023


6pm EDT

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