Publishing CareerBuilder: Careers in Journal Publishing

The publishing field has myriad career options. Perhaps you’re considering a career in book publishing, and may not be aware of the many career opportunities that can be pursued in journal publishing. Journal publishing has a wide array of job opportunities that provide rewarding careers, where you can incorporate your skills, creativity, and interest in publishing while reaching and impacting the lives of researchers and other readers. Our expert panelists will share how they got into journal publishing and what brought their interest to this specific focus. They will share insights on requirements to enter the field, the skills helpful for success and advancement in the field, and ways to pivot into this field from a different career. 

Panelists: Lois Jones, Peer Review Director, American Psychological Association, and a graduate of GW’s MPS in Publishing program; Josephine E. Sciortino, Managing Editor, Canadian Science Publishing, and professor in as well as graduate of the MPS in Publishing program; and Julie Vo, Editorial Manager, JAMA Pediatrics. All three panelists serve on the Editorial Board of the GW Journal of Ethics in Publishing.

Event Details


February 16, 2022 – February 16, 2022


6-7pm ET

우리는 학문적 우수성의 확립과지식의 보급 및 증진의 사명을 담당하는 글로벌 출판인 공동체로서의 본질적인 역할을 추구하고자 한다.

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