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Publishing CareerBuilder: Connecting in the Field

Publishing, often considered a challenging field to enter, has a collegial and supportive community of professionals. An increase in remote work and virtual/hybrid conferences may improve, for many professionals, opportunities to participate and grow within the field, yet fewer face-to-face meetings may impact opportunities for networking and advancement. 

This Publishing CareerBuilder will explore the benefits of networking, tips for using LinkedIn and other social media tools, and discuss how to connect with professionals in the field. Our panelists will share their experiences engaging in publishing organizations, as members and serving on committees with AM&P, AUPresses, ISMTE, SSP, LPC, ACES, CSE, and others.

The session will finish with a fun opportunity for speed networking.

Event Details


January 25, 2023 – January 25, 2023


7:00pm ET

Nous faisons avancer le rôle essentiel de la communauté internationale d’éditeurs dont la mission est de veiller à l’excellence académique et de cultiver le savoir.

— AUPresses Mission Statement in French