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Publishing CareerBuilder: Your Side Hustle as a Career Advantage

Is your “side hustle” a career advantage, an extra source of income, a passion project, or a future full-time business or career? Perhaps all of the above?

Join us for a stimulating discussion of the side hustle as an advantage in your publishing career. We’ll hear from a diverse group of panelists who have developed a successful side hustle in writing, editing, marketing, and publishing. 

  • Casey and Amber Aimer, both current GW Publishing students working in scholarly publishing, are publishers of an online literary magazine, Radon journal.
  • Andrea DeWerd recently left HarperCollins to turn her freelance marketing side hustle into a full-time book marketing and consulting agency, while still working on other side projects. 
  • Michael J. Seidlinger developed his passion for writing while working for Melville House Books, Electric Literature, Publisher’s Weekly, and others, into a full-time writing career, including his acclaimed novel Anybody Home? and the forthcoming Deal of The Day

Our panelists will share their personal experiences in developing and maintaining a side hustle into a successful venture or a full time career.

Event Details


November 9, 2022 – November 9, 2022


6pm ET

우리는 학문적 우수성의 확립과지식의 보급 및 증진의 사명을 담당하는 글로벌 출판인 공동체로서의 본질적인 역할을 추구하고자 한다.

— AUPresses Mission Statement in Korean