Reflecting on Five Years of Open-Access Book Publishing: Successes, Lessons, and Next Steps for TOME

The Association of American Universities (AAU), the Association of Research Libraries (ARL), and the Association of University Presses (AUPresses) have published a final report assessing the success of their five-year pilot project to modernize publication of, and promote public access to, scholarly books. 

Launched in 2018, Toward an Open Access Monograph Ecosystem (TOME) is a transformational pilot initiative which provides subvention grants to academic presses to publish social science and humanities monographs open access. Over the course of the five-year pilot, the project has produced more than 150 open-access scholarly works from across a network of university presses.    

Sponsored by the ARL Scholars and Scholarship Committee, attendees of this virtual community conversation will understand what was learned from the pilot and ongoing institutional TOME activity.

Event Details


September 6, 2023 – September 6, 2023


3:00–4:00 pm EDT

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— AUPresses Mission Statement in Ho-Chunk