AUPresses Webinar: Resumes and Cover Letters: Tips from University Press Professionals

Sponsored by Jack Farrell & Associates
Your resume and cover letter do a lot of heavy lifting. They go before you to introduce your story, your skillset to those you’ve likely never met. It can be daunting to sum up your career journey, and feedback can be tough to come by. The AUPresses Professional Development Committeehas partnered with Paths in Publishing to launch a highly-practical discussion on standout applications that land the interview. We’ll dive deep into tactics to adapt your resume to a specific job, apply for your first management role, and ways to articulate your experience with confidence and precision. It will focus on effective storytelling, especially when you are transitioning between careers or have a gap in your resume. Through real-life examples from professionals across the publishing landscape, this webinar will benefit those at every stage of their career. This will be a space to ask the resume and cover letter questions you’ve always wanted to ask but may never have had an outlet to voice. We hope you’ll join us. As part of your registration, we encourage you to list any specific topics you would like the panelists to address.
Panelists: Angelica Lopez-Torres, International Rights Manager, University of Texas Press; Kathryn Marguy, Public Affairs Specialist, Library of Congress; Bethany Wasik, Acquisitions Editor, Cornell University Press,
Moderator: Lyndsey Rago Claro, Chief of Staff, Princeton University Press
The session will be recorded. The session will also be live captioned. If you need further assistance, please contact Alexis Fagan.

Event Details

AUPresses Professional Development Committee and Paths in Publishing


August 3, 2022 – August 3, 2022


11am ET

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