SSP Virtual Annual Meeting

Charting a New Course from Chaos to Innovation

Without dwelling on the tumultuous events of the past year, we recognize their impact, igniting—and sometimes forcing—innovation to meet changing demands. We will explore the many new paths that materialize if we are willing to embrace the unexpected. The structure of the meeting will reflect our changed world. What new insights and strategies have been discovered and implemented? What are the possibilities that have yet to be realized?  As we move from reacting to adapting, how will our responses change the future of scholarly communications? And how should our responsibility to the larger academic ecosystem during this extraordinary time shape those responses?

Adopting some of the lessons learned, the meeting will be “virtual first” and include the ability for attendees to fully participate from their homes or offices. However, the option of in-person coordinated events is being evaluated, if both safe and practical, to complement the online educational sessions. 

Join the vibrant community of publishers, librarians, academics, service providers, funders, technologists, and others with a stake in how research is shared as we chart a new course, and embrace the chaos to ignite innovation.

Event Details


May 24, 2021 – May 27, 2021

אנחנו מקדמים את התפקיד החיוני של קהילת המוציאים לאור העולמית, שהשליחות שלה היא לוודא מצויינות אקדמית וטיפוח ידע

— AUPresses Mission Statement in Hebrew