2011 Choice Magazine University Press Forum

The End of the Tunnel?

Rebecca Ann Bartlett, editor
CHOICE, May 2011

This annual feature canvasses several AAUP member directors and asks for them to “address any subject relevant to (his or her own) university’s publishing program or to university-press publishing in general.” Often, the responses have very different takes on the year past and the year ahead for scholarly publishing, but in 2011 editor Becky Bartlett noticed a common thread of optimism. In the 2011 Forum, we hear from MaryKatherine Callaway of LSU Press, Richard Brown of Georgetown University Press and AAUP President, Donna Shear of the University of Nebraska Press, B. Byron Price of the University of Oklahoma Press, and Sheila Leary of the University of Wisconsin Press.

The CHOICE 2011 UP Forum is no longer available at the CHOICE site. Bartlett later published the Forum in the Journal of Scholarly Publishing.

AAUP was grateful to Choice (ALA/ACRL) for granting permission to post this link during 2011.

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