Association Joins Statement in Support of Public Higher Education

Responds to Proposed Cuts at West Virginia University

The Association of University Presses (AUPresses) joins the American Council of Learned Societies to express concern at the major cuts to undergraduate and graduate programs proposed at West Virginia University (WVU). As a global community of mission-based publishers engaged in the advancement of knowledge—especially in the humanities and social sciences, and including disciplines that are currently targeted for elimination at the university—we agree that “The path WVU is treading is unprecedented for a public flagship and dangerous for American higher education and society.”

We applaud the WVU faculty, staff, and students who are championing an expansive vision of public higher education, one that prepares students for a world larger than the workplace. And we encourage President E. Gordon Gee and the WVU Board of Governors to work with them.

Read the full statement.

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— AUPresses Mission Statement in Cree