Mapping Our Influence

AAUP Members Plot the Geographic Reach of Their Important Work

One of the most significant aspects of any university press is the impact it has on the world around us. State university presses shine a bright light on their regional community; prestigious disciplinary lists reach out to scholars across the globe as both authors and readers; and institutional collaborations, translations, prizes, and events can carry the name of a university and its press almost anywhere. At AAUP we talk about this impact all the time, and now we have a new way to help show it.

The Influence Mapping Project provides a tool to show visually what we mean by a university press having value to its community, the academy, society, and the world. Using Google Maps and a custom iconographic key, AAUP has encouraged members to develop maps that visually demonstrate their place—their many places—in the world.

View “Mapping Our Influence”

More than 30 Press Maps are available for browsing. These Maps are fascinating glimpses into the work our members do, and illustrate a broad range of the ways that university presses have influence on the world around them. For example:

• Texas A&M University Press developed maps for two of its prestigious series. See the global span of the Nautical Archaeology Series.

• The University of New Mexico Press plotted libraries across the globe where readers can find the Press’s 2012 publications. 

• The Temple University Press Map shows where authors of 2012 publications work, the geographic regions covered by books published in 2012, and where in the world those books have been licensed and purchased. 

“Mapping Our Influence” was developed and launched as part of AAUP’s first annual University Press Week celebration. Taking place November 11-17, 2012, University Press Week highlights the contributions of our members to an informed society. These Maps demonstrates those contributions at both community and worldwide scale.

There will be more to learn and see about University Presses as University Press Week 2012 takes off! Keep an eye on for online features, news of local celebrations, and more in the coming days.

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