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The Essential Value of University Presses

By Kathryn Conrad and Jennifer Crewe

Published in Inside Higher Ed in February 2020.

More than 100 North American universities choose to invest in a university press, including nearly 70 percent of leading research institutions and almost 80 percent of Association of American Universities members. Publishing scholarship of the highest quality in an environment driven by mission, and not profit, is an endeavor that top universities heartily endorse. Our daily work as scholarly publishers is firmly grounded in the foundational beliefs and goals of our parent institutions. While the publishing mix of individual university presses may vary, as do our universities’ areas of strength, our purpose is the same: the advancement of knowledge….

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Kathryn Conrad is the director of the University of Arizona Press and the president of the Association of University Presses, a global community of more than 150 mission-driven publishers dedicated to the cultivation and dissemination of knowledge.

Jennifer Crewe is the associate provost and director of Columbia University Press and the association’s immediate past president.

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