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Workshops Archive


Beyond Likes: Making Social Media Metrics Matter
Organized by Erin Rolfs (McGill-Queen’s) 

The Case for Publishing Services
Organized by John Sherer (North Carolina); John McLeod (North Carolina)


Paths to Open Access for Scholarly Publishers
Organized by Dan Morgan (California); Mary Francis (Michigan)

Journals Business: Evaluating New and Existing Revenue Streams
Organized by Ann Snoeyenbos (Johns Hopkins/Project MUSE)

Marketing Workshop: Big Data
Organized by Mark Heineke (Nebraska); Erin Rolfs (LSU)


Small Press
Organized by Jane Bunker (Northwestern); Justin Race (Nevada); Dan Williams (TCU)

Design & Production Managers Roundtable: We Still Make Beautiful Books!
Organized by Melissa Bugbee Buchanan (Georgia); Lisa Tremaine (New Mexico); Kristina Kachele (Kristina Kachele Design); and the AAUP Design & Production Committee 

Who Buys University Press Books? De-mystifying Sales Channels
Organized by the AAUP Marketing Committee


Financial Management for Non-Financial Managers
Organized by Tom Helleberg (Washington); Robbie Dircks (North Carolina)

Accessibility is Accessible
Organized by the AAUP Design & Production Committee; Nicole Hilton (Toronto)

Publicity Rules!
Organized by the AAUP Marketing Committee; Martyn Beeny (Nebraska)


New Directors Bootcamp
Organized by Lisa Bayer (Georgia); Dennis Lloyd (Wisconsin); Nicole Mitchell (Washington); Tony Sanfilippo (Ohio State)

AAUP Press Directors Meeting
Organized by Leila Salisbury (Mississippi); Mark Saunders (Virginia)

Coloring Outside the Lines: Brainstorming New (and Non-traditional) Strategies and Tools for Marketing
Organized by Amanda E. Sharp (Georgia)

InDesign to EPUB
Organized by AAUP Design and Production Committee; John Long (National Gallery of Art)

AAUP Journals Assembly
Organized by AAUP Journals Committee; Jill Rodgers (MIT)


Publishing Open and Affordable Textbooks
Organized by Donna Dixon (SUNY); Faye Chadwell (Oregon State); Sarah Lippincott (Library Publishing Coalition); Raina Polivka (Indiana); Katherine Purple (Purdue); Melanie Schlosser (Ohio State University Library)

Let’s Get Analytical! Measuring Your Marketing
Organized by AAUP Marketing Committee; Laura Baich (Indiana)

Advice for Ebook Complexities and Quality Control
Organized by AAUP Design and Production Committee; Carol Stein (ASCSA); Kenneth Reed (Princeton)

Journals Now: Challenges and Opportunities
Organized by AAUP Scholarly Journals Committee; Anne Marie Corrigan (Toronto); Lauren Crocker (Wayne State)


Thinking Outside the Book
Organized by Jonathan Haupt (South Carolina); Larin McLaughlin (Illinois); Alisa Plant (Louisiana State)

Digital Marketing for Beginners: 2013 and Beyond
Organized by Amanda Atkins (MIT); Mandy Clarke (Indiana)

Acquisitions for Beginners: What You Need to Know
Organized by Amy Gorelick (Florida); Alisa Plant (Louisiana State); Larin McLaughlin (Illinois)

From InDesign to Ebook: Essential Workflow Steps
Organized by Marianne Jankowski (Northwestern); Terri O’Prey (Princeton)


Managing Print Inventory in the Digital World: Trends, Solutions, and Business Models
Organized by Leila W. Salisbury (Mississippi)

XML for University Press Publishing
Organized by Emily Arkin (Harvard); Marjorie Fowler (North Carolina); Jake Furbush (MIT); Kevin Hawkins (MPublishing)

Regional Publishing
Organized by Lisa Fortunato (Rutgers); Alisa Plant (Louisiana State)


Marketing and Publicity for Ebooks
Organized by Carol Kasper (Chicago)

Third Party Permissions: The Practical and Philosophical
Organized by Stephanie Vyce (Harvard)


Ebook Publishing in a Nutshell
Organized by Alan Harvey (Stanford)

Not Your Father’s Marketing: New Strategies in the Digital Age
Organized by Colleen Lanick (MIT)

ما نقش اساسی جامعهٔ جهانی ناشران را، که وظیفهٔ آن تضمین پیشرفت تحصیلی و ترویج دانش است، گسترش می‌دهیم

— AUPresses Mission Statement in Persian