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Health and Safety Measures

AUPresses 2022 Health and Safety Measures

June 16, 2022

The health and safety of all those attending AUPresses 2022 is a paramount consideration for the Association. The course of the coronavirus pandemic between now and June 18 remains uncertain. Meeting attendees need clear advance notice of certain safety protocols, but recent event planning experience indicates that some decisions are more effectively made closer to the date of the event.

The Association will add to and update this notice; please note the dateline, above, which will reflect any updates.

Vaccinations: The Board of Directors adopted a vaccine requirement for AUPresses 2022 at its October meeting. Proof of vaccination will be required of all attendees in order to collect a meeting badge; original vaccination cards, digital photos of vaccination cards, and state-issued app-based verification all are acceptable. Boosters for those eligible are strongly encouraged. Attendees from outside the United States must provide proof of vaccination in accordance with the eligibility requirements of their home countries; original vaccination cards and government-issued app-based verification are acceptable. If you have a medical condition rendering you ineligible for a coronavirus vaccine, please contact annualmeeting@aupresses.orgto provide details. 

Masks: Mask-wearing will be mandatory for all indoor events. This policy will be enforced. Those individuals who are unable to wear masks for bona fide medical reasons should contact to provide details.

Meals and Distancing: In the event it is deemed necessary or prudent to distance during meals we have established contingency plans to help ensure safe and comfortable dining experiences. For example, customary table rounds ordinarily set for 10 will be set for 6 people for the Juneteenth Banquet and both lunches. We will provide more details closer to the event, as circumstances warrant.

Reconnecting: We will be providing attendees with green/yellow/red lanyards to indicate their degree of comfort with customary social greetings:

                                    GREEN – handshakes OK

                                    YELLOW – fist or elbow bumps only, please

                                    RED – a wave or a nod will do, thanks 

Peb tau nce qib siab rau lub luag haujlwm tseem ceeb hauv zej zog thoob ntiaj teb los ntawm cov tswv luam ntaub ntawv lub zeem muag los mus tsim kho kev kawm ntawv kom zoo thiab saib xyuas kev txawj ntse.

— AUPresses Mission Statement in Hmong