Digital Book Publishing Survey

AUPresses conducts a regular survey of members on the subject of digital strategies in their book publishing programs. The survey gathers data on the extent to which various models, formats, channels, and digital workflows are being adopted by member presses, and takes the temperature of the membership on what issues are of greatest concern and topics on which professional development or information resources might be of greatest interest. In 2015, the Digital Publishing Committee moved this survey to a biennial schedule.

Released June 6, 2019. 51 member presses participated.

Access archived survey reports dating back to 2009-2010 via Dropbox

Vi fremmer den vigtige indsats hos en verdensomspændende sammenslutning af forlag, hvis væsentligste opgave er at sikre fremragende akademisk arbejde og styrke vidensformidling.

— AUPresses Mission Statement in Danish