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Finding a Publisher

A first step in finding a publisher for your scholarly monograph or other book is learning which scholarly presses publish in your field of research. So our first recommendation is always to browse your own citations, and start researching the publishers you see there. Also, if there are specific books and authors that you believe are comparable or similar to your manuscript, check to see if specific editors are thanked in their acknowledgments.

There are also a number of AUPresses tools and resources to help you get a better sense of which publishers might be a good fit:

Subject Area Grid
Included in the Annual Directory, this grid is also offered as a free download showing which presses are actively publishing in different fields.

Member Websites
A great place to begin your research into any publisher is their website, where you’ll see the latest publications, find submission or query guidelines, and more.

Ask UP
The AUPresses Faculty Outreach Committee curates and updates a website to help new authors, junior faculty, and graduate students navigate the world of publishing with university presses. In addition to answers to the most common questions—compiled from our community of experts across the Association—host presses take their turns at answering new queries.

AUPresses Member Directory
Published in print and ebook editions, this annual resource includes staff contact information and editorial profiles for all member presses. (2021 is current edition)

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