Library-Press Collaboration Survey

This report uncovers the current landscape of collaboration and conversation between university libraries and university presses. The report and the set of broad conclusions and recommendations on successful collaborations are the product of extensive surveying and interviews with member institutions of both [AUPresses] and the Association of Research Libraries (ARL), conducted through 2012-2013 by the [AUPresses] Library Relations Committee. Forty-two libraries and forty-one presses participated in this information gathering process.

Note: A clarification was issued on February 13, 2014. Please see the Question 21 “Note.”

nitâhkameyihtenân iyikohk ehispihteyihtakwak 

omasinahikanihkewak misiweskamihk ohci ôma misihatoskewin 

kasîhkimitocik kihcikiskinohamâkosiwin ekwa kiskeyihtamowin

— AUPresses Mission Statement in Cree