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Partnering for Intellectual Freedom

Intellectual Freedom is among the core values of AUPresses:

  • We promote the free exchange of ideas, the unfettered pursuit of scholarly inquiry, the emergence and evaluation of new theories, and the expansion of human knowledge. 
  • We champion the freedom to think, research, publish, and read as pillars of an open and just society.

In support of that value we work with a number of organizations, listed below, many of which have a core purpose in supporting free expression and the freedom to read and have many tools available to organizations and individuals. Browse news of related Association activities and statements.

Banned Books Week
The Association of University Presses is a coalition sponsor of this annual event that highlights the fight against banning books, especially in schools and libraries.

The Free Expression Network

National Coalition Against Censorship

IPA Freedom to Publish

American Booksellers for Free Expression

AAP Freedom to Read and International Freedom to Publish Committees

ALA Office for Intellectual Freedom

आम्ही अशा जागतिक प्रकाशक समाजाच्या अत्यावश्यक भूमिकेची प्रगती करतो ज्यांच मुख्य कार्य शैक्षणिक श्रेष्ठतेची व ज्ञानाच्या जोपासण्याची हमी देणे आहे.

— AUPresses Mission Statement in Marathi