Art of Acquisitions Hangout: Acquiring at Virtual Conferences

As scholarly conferences have moved to virtual formats in response to Covid-19, the work that we as acquisitions editors do at conferences has also transformed. This hangout will address the challenges and opportunities presented by virtual conferences. What are the best strategies for navigating a virtual conference? How do you meet new and existing authors, series editors, and others in this context? How do you manage your time, especially when there are pressures to maintain your usual work schedule?

This is new territory for most of us, and so we expect the hangout to be a learning experience for all the participants. Expect an open-ended and speculative conversation. We hope you will also bring your own questions and insights.

Moderated by: Courtney Berger, Executive Editor, Duke University Press; and Catherine Goldstead, Associate Editor, Johns Hopkins University Press

With panelists: Bridget Flannery-McCoy, Senior Editor, Princeton University Press; Mahinder Kingra, Editorial Director, Cornell University Press; and Raina Polivka, Editor, University of California Press

Event Details


October 16, 2020 – October 16, 2020


12-1 PM ET

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