AUPresses Hangout: The Art of Acquisitions: Working with Series Editors

Hosted by the Acquisitions Editorial Committee 

For many acquisitions editors, book series form the backbone of their list, providing shape and identity to a press’s output. Relationships with series editors are central to successful commissioning, and in a best-case scenario, series editors will act as valuable ambassadors for the press within the wider academic community. In this hangout we’ll hear from four acquisitions editors at different stages of their publishing careers who will discuss the opportunities and potential challenges of this crucial relationship. 

Christabel Scaife, Senior Commissioning Editor, Liverpool University Press 

Walter Biggins, Editor-in-Chief, University of Pennsylvania Press; Rachel Bridgewater, Senior Commissioning Editor, Edinburgh University Press; Len Husband, Acquisitions Editor, University of Toronto Press; and Caitlin Tyler-Richards, Acquisitions Editor, University of Washington Press

Event Details


February 9, 2024 – February 9, 2024


12:00 P.M. EDT

우리는 학문적 우수성의 확립과지식의 보급 및 증진의 사명을 담당하는 글로벌 출판인 공동체로서의 본질적인 역할을 추구하고자 한다.

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