AUPresses Webinar: Antiracism Toolkit for Allies in Scholarly Publishing

The Antiracism Toolkit for Allies is the first of three planned guides (for allies, for organizations, and for Black, Indigenous, and People of Color) developed to disrupt racism and transform scholarly publishing. At this panel, the presenters will introduce the toolkit and will share concrete steps that attendees can take to accelerate progress toward a more equitable and inclusive workplace culture. View the toolkit at https://c4disc.org/toolkits-for-equity/.   

Speakers: Niccole Leilanionapae‘aina Coggins, Editorial, Design, and Production Coordinator and Assistant Project Editor, University of Virginia Press; Jocelyn Dawson, Journals Marketing Manager, Duke University Press; and Melanie Dolechek, Executive Director, Society for Scholarly Publishing

Event Details


November 10, 2020 – November 10, 2020


12-1pm ET

ننهض بالدور الأساسي للمجتمع العالمي من دور النشر التي تتمثّل مهمتها في ضمان التفوّق الأكاديمي وتنمية المعرفة.

— AUPresses Mission Statement in Arabic