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AUPresses Webinar: Easy eCommerce Part 2: Steps to maximize your ‘Direct to Consumer’ website sales

This second webinar on ways to boost your ‘Direct to Consumer’ website sales will look at some more key ingredients to successful eCommerce. Supadu will discuss more closely Digital Rights Management, effective tax and shipping as well as considering different website offerings such as Shopify and WordPress + Cart. There will also be a special focus on audiobooks; how to start creating and selling audiobooks successfully.

This webinar is sponsored by Supadu. Supadu are market leaders in the provision of eCommerce and data driven websites for University Presses around the world.

In case you missed it, watch Easy eCommerce Part 1.

Event Details


May 18, 2021 – May 18, 2021


11am ET

מיר פֿירן אַריבער די עיקרדיקע ראָלע פֿון אַ גלאָבאַלער געמיינשאַפֿט פֿון פֿאַרלעגערס, װאָס זייער מיסיע איז פֿאַרזיכערן אַקאַדעמישע אויסגעצייכנקייט און קולטוװירן דאָס װיסן. 

— AUPresses Mission Statement in Yiddish