AUPresses Webinar: Neurodiversity 1-0-1

Neurodiversity 1-0-1 provides a great introduction to neurodiversity in the workplace and has been created by both psychologists and neurodivergent individuals themselves. It’s also delivered by neurodivergent facilitators. It’s estimated that 20% of the world is neurodiverse, which means it’s likely that 20% of your workforce will be neurodiverse too. It’s really important that all employees understand neurodiversity, including what it is, how to recognize it and how they can effectively support their neurodivergent colleagues both remotely and in the workplace. The session will be interactive, using mentimeter to do polls and short exercises.

Section 1: Understanding neurodiversity
This section puts neurodiversity in context by looking at definitions and terminology, the neurodiversity movement, and key statistics.

Section 2: Types of neurodiversity
This section will examine key types of neurodiversity along with the key components of each and their associated strengths and challenges in the workplace.

Section 3: Supporting your neurodivergent colleagues
This section helps individuals understand why their colleagues may not talk about their neurodiversity (including stigmas, stereotypes, the fear of discrimination, etc.) and what you can do to create a neuro-inclusive culture, offering resources, tips, and strategies to support neurodiversity in the workplace.

Section 4: Q&A

Speaker: Emily Banks is the CEO of Enna, which she founded 3 years ago, inspired by her neurodiverse family. She has ADHD, her Dad is autistic, her older brother is autistic, and another brother is dyslexic. At university she realized the struggles they faced completing application forms and conducting interviews, as do millions of other neurodivergent job-seekers around the globe. She founded Enna to educate employers on the value that neurodiversity brings to their organizations, whilst connecting neurodivergent job-seekers to job opportunities with neurodiversity-friendly employers.

Event Details


March 23, 2023 – March 23, 2023


3pm-4:30pm ET

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