From Passion to Action: Introducing and Using the C4DISC Antiracism Toolkit for Organizations and Presses

Published in August by the Coalition for Diversity and Inclusion in Scholarly Communications (C4DISC) and Toolkits for Equity in Scholarly Publishing project volunteers, the Antiracism Toolkit for Organizations was created to help us better understand institutionalized racism, to better support Black, Indigenous, and People of Color (BIPOC) staff, to model antiracist leadership, build structures around Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DE&I) work, and create policies and procedures that address inequities, disparities, and racist systems. This toolkit is the second in a series of three resources. The first was launched in August 2020 and focused on antiracism resources for allies; a third resource for Black, Indigenous, and People of Color is forthcoming.

Please join toolkit leaders and contributors David Congdon (University Press of Kansas), Stephanie Pollock (American Psychological Association) and Damita Snow (American Society of Civil Engineers), for a webinar about the toolkit, followed by an open Q & A facilitated by Ellen Bush(University of North Carolina Press) and Christie Henry (Princeton University Press). This toolkit is part of a commitment to transform workplace culture through an antiracism and equity lens, and this session is offered to ensure the #ReadUP community will #KeepUP with the transformative work it inspires.

The session recording will be shared after the event to encourage group re-viewing and discussion at member presses.  And the EJI Events Committee will also hold a follow up discussion with UP Directors to share ideas and actions inspired by the toolkit on November 12 at 12:00 PM ET.

Event Details


November 9, 2021 – November 9, 2021


12pm ET

אנחנו מקדמים את התפקיד החיוני של קהילת המוציאים לאור העולמית, שהשליחות שלה היא לוודא מצויינות אקדמית וטיפוח ידע

— AUPresses Mission Statement in Hebrew